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I was having trouble putting a recurring page number but the tittle would disappear. Thank you so much!

Thank you! Worked like a charm! Been trying to do this for over a year unsuccessfully until I found your directions.

Format X page of Y pages on MS Word 2011 Mac

This is such a priceless resource! This may be a stupid question but why does the words Running head stay on page 1?

When I went to print it does not show on following pages but does on the first. Without being able to look at the document, I can't say for sure C. Select the Layout tab. You will see a number of options. One of them is Different first page.

Editing the Header and Footer

If that is selected, de-select it. There is also an option near the bottom that lets you apply to Whole Document to this point forward. You might try expriementing with that as well. Good luck! I dont have a "page" button. Does tab work?

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Add page number X of Y to a document in Word for Mac

Hi Matt Doe. Yes, you can use the tab function to move your page number. Thanks this was very helpful!! I've tried this multiple times and it doesn't work. It's either the header or the page number. I can't get both on one page. Sorry Jessica! This still works for us and others. Your best bet is to go to a local library where you or college lab where you can get in person help.

Doesn't work for me anymore either! The only workaround I was able to come up with is to insert the page number first, then retype in the running head and tab the page number. Cumbersome to do but it works. For those not able to create a running head, I have slightly re-worded the steps. Of course you must also be in MS Word. One would think Microsoft could create something so simple and common but apparently this is beyond comprehension.

Can I have the hour of my life back? Sorry Charles. If you are a student I recommend going to your school writing center or library to get one on one help.

How to Insert Page X of Y into a Header or Footer in Word

Add a public comment to this FAQ Entry. Answers by Topic. Ref Roku Google Slides. View All Topics. More Ways to Ask. Get more on:. In some cases, Word inserts Section Breaks automatically, such as when you change the number of columns in part of a document. Page numbers are usually a section property, not a document property.

A page's number is determined by only two factors:. Just because a page has a number doesn't mean the number will appear somewhere on the page. Far from it. In fact, ALL pages have numbers. The number never appears unless you tell Word to display it. The easiest way to tell Word to display a page's number somewhere on the page is to insert a field code as follows:.

Position the cursor where you want the number to appear. Often, this is the header or footer. To position the cursor in one of these locations, choose Header and Footer on the View menu or double-click the location in Page Layout view.

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Don't just type them. Right-click anywhere between the braces and choose Update Field. It has no effect on Word's page numbering scheme. It simply tells Word to display the number of the current page at the field location. As noted above, the page's number is dependent on:. The following big ideas are presented for extra credit only. Please see me after class if you're worried about your grades. If you want to make changes to the header or footer for Section 1 without having those changes show up in the header or footer for all other document sections, you must turn off this feature by viewing each header and footer and clicking the Same As Previous button on the Header and Footer toolbar until the button is no longer depressed.

The actual number of headers and footers available in a given section is determined by the Different First Page checkbox and Different Odd and Even Pages checkbox in the Page Setup dialog. To view these settings, position the cursor in the document section you're interested in, then choose Page Setup on the File menu.