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Nov 21, Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. (Non-Server Mid - Left, Mid & Late - Right). Identification Help. If you're not sure which Aluminum Mac mini model you have, the to the right of the memory slots (when the ports are facing you). ATA (SATA Revision ) hard drive or SSD (or two storage drives if.

Not only does the text look very bad and distorted -- everything is more blurry the more you scale up the size -- but the mouse becomes slow and unruly jumping around a bit when you try to go to things. Within my Mountain Lion virtual machine, I encounter a similar problem.

How to Increase SheepShaver Desktop Size Inside VirtualBox?

If I click on the latter, guess what? The only option available is x So from OS 9. To make matters worse, because of this, the SheepShaver window completely fills up the Mountain Lion window, and for some reason, I cannot move it now. Maybe all of my fiddling around caused that.

If I could at least figure out a way to enlarge the Mountain Lion VM window without getting all of the white border around it, that would be a start. If I could go further and figure out how to enlarge the Mountain Lion desktop window inside the ML VM window, that would be even better. At least my SheepShaver window won't take up the whole ML desktop. If there is a solution to all of this where I can have a larger -- not just scaled -- OS 9. Just a small, quick update. Being as I could no longer even see the SheepShaver menubar, I had to actually launch the SheepShaver Prefs app, where I discovered that the problem was that SS was still in full-screen mode.

However, the issue of enlarging the OS 9 desktop window and the Mountain Lion desktop window remains the same. So my SheepShaver window still covers all of my Mountain Lion desktop. So, short of a solution, my seven windows will remain crunched up in OS 9, and I can't open my Hermes BBS terminal window all the way, without covering up some of the other six screens. As for SheepShaver: If one wants to have a x window size, it must first be set in SheepShaver preferences.

Then, after a new start of SheepShaver, that value will be added as possible resolution choice in OS9's Monitors control panel. With Ctrl-Return one should be able to toggle between window mode and full-screen mode in SheepShaver. It could be that full-screen mode tries to fill the actual host screen size, not the virtual machine screen size. Ronald, thanks for the suggestion, but for some reason, it is just not taking effect. Furthermore, I opened the invisible ".

However, I just did it again, and regardless of whether I reboot just OS 9. On the "Resolution" side of the pane, next to "Show", the only option is "Recommended". There is nothing else in the pull-down menu. If memory serves me correctly, it used to be possible -- at least with some versions of Mac OS -- to select alternative resolutions, besides the recommended ones. This option does not appear to be available in OS 9. There does seem to be something new this time. Whereas before the only resolution available in the list was x , now there are two additional resolutions -- x and x -- neither of which is of any help to me.

Currently it has MB, which should be more than sufficient, right?

Ronald, I just figured out what is happening in the "Monitors" control panel. However, if I set SheepShaver to "Window", then the "Monitors" control displays all three resolutions, as I mentioned in my last post. Regardless, x simply refuses to show up. Furthermore, I am fast approaching the conclusion that even if I could created a larger OS 9 desktop screen, it would be to no avail, because I strongly suspect that the Mountain Lion VM window is restricting the size of the SheepShaver window, because as I mentioned before, even Mountain Lion itself only offers two resolution options in its preference pane: Either "Best for display" which doesn't even list any resolutions, or else "Scaled".

If I enable the "Scaled" option instead, it just lists one resolution in the box below it: x The screen resolution issue boils down to the same problem as the guest additions. Thankfully, there are some non-Apple ways to fix this one. For those good at EFI, it probably means that some of the other lacking features in OS X under VBox could be shoehorned in too, but I haven't heard of anyone actually doing that.

Thanks Adespoton. I am looking at all of those pages right now, and seeing all of the system changes that have to be made in those files.

How to Install Mac OS X 10.5.5 Leopard on VirtualBox 3.1.4

To be honest, it is making me a little nervous. So a few quick questions: 1. How safe is this procedure? Should I download the 4. I am assuming that it is the former.

How to view FPS on macOS

It seems that a lot of those steps and file edits are specifically designed for Windows users. What is the bare minimum that I have to do and alter in order to achieve a desktop size of say x , or maybe a little larger? Installation is done. If stuck with Mac logo without loading arrows , then check the following checks. Shutdown the virtual machine and restart several times. It worked without any changes in the XML file, and I could feel the performance improvement inside the virtual machine.

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Hopefully, the latest versions of VirtualBox will bring more support to emulate macOS as a virtual machine. Hi, Quick update about sound. Check this post. I installed the sound driver which mentioned in first step, but sound quality is very poor. It may work fine for you. If it works, please inform here. It will be useful for others. Hi Thanks for the post. Booted fine and network works too. How should I configure it? I suppose the SystemConfiguration dir contains important files that are missed. Can you point out where to get it? Mel, i first could not find that directory too.

But then i checked a second a while later, and it had magically appeared. Good luck with finding it. It's usable, tho a bit icky for direct manipulate msec per redraw in the VM vs. However, if I changed over to shaders, it's possible that that might improve. I do sometimes manipulate very large surfaces e.

I found the following Obj-C code for disabling app nap for I thought I was still on Mountain Lion out of laziness, but maybe I had reasons to stay put without knowing it. Are the bug reports submitted to XQuartz and Apple available online anywhere for browsing? Have they produced any reply at all? If we could find one there might be a prayer we could locate some source code change in Tk or Tcl themselves that's triggering the problem. From the description it sounds like the blame lies in the supporting systems though, and there's only limited things we can do about that.

Even if we locate some workaround, there's nothing to suggest that we might rely on that continuing to work. So I'm willing to look into this, but with limited hope for success.

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Apple shows all signs of letting X on its systems decay into disfunction. So the message to all people deploying X programs to OSX is to either adapt them to supported graphics systems and Tk makes this a great deal easier than it would be otherwise or to interpose some Unix emulation system that does a better job presenting X on OSX.

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That may not exist, or may have its own performance woes, I cannot predict.